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For more than three decades the police have been fixated on the idea that the man she met that day, the ‘Mr Kipper’, who she had mentioned in her office diary - had killed her.

“I do not believe that is the case and my investigations have led me to conclude that there is another explanation and another suspect who has been overlooked.

“My job now is in convincing the police they’ve been looking in the wrong direction for more than three decades.

“But as each day passes, with the police seemingly dragging their heels about when and what they are going to do with the evidence I provided to them on 24th June 2019, I fear that Suzy’s killer may continue to evade capture and prosecution.
— David Videcette speaking exclusively to The Sunday Telegraph

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I believe that I know who killed Suzy Lamplugh. I’ve named that person to the police. He is alive well and at large, and has remained at large for the last 30 years.
Who knows what he’s been doing in that time.’

Videcette said he was speaking publicly ‘to get the police to act and do something’ adding: ‘They’ve had this information for over a month and they’ve dragged their heels.
— David Videcette speaking to MailOnline

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Former Scotland Yard detective David Videcette has accused his former colleagues of ignoring vital evidence after he handed them a dossier of his findings earlier in the summer:

”Just to be clear, as some people don’t think I’ve been explicit enough: over a month ago, among other things, I provided the police with evidence against a new suspect in the disappearance /murder of Suzy Lamplugh in 1986. This suspect is alive and at large.
— David Videcette in The Sun

I’ve spent three years tracing original witnesses from the time, and there is compelling evidence that has convinced me the infamous house viewing appointment at 12.45pm on 28th July 1986 at Shorrolds Road, never took place.

Suzy didn’t have the keys with her as she never intended on conducting the viewing at Shorrolds Road. The estate agency had one set of keys to the property and these were recovered from the office by the police.
— David Videcette speaking to The Telegraph

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David Videcette, a former Scotland Yard detective, who has spent three years investigating the case, says the entire police investigation was flawed because the house appointment never happened and the decision to focus on ‘Mr Kipper’ resulted in crucial evidence being missed.

Former detective Mr Videcette, who has spent three years investigating the case, believes Suzy Lamplugh never actually visited Shorrolds Road. He is convinced Miss Lamplugh faked the appointment to leave the office to go on a personal errand.

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Mr Videcette believes that the cornerstone of the investigation - the appointent with a ‘Mr Kipper’ - never actually took place.

Mr Videcette, who is presenting his findings to Scotland Yard this week, believes the lack of evidence around a second set of keys suggests that Ms Lamplugh never actually accessed the property.
He is convinced that a sighting of Ms Lamplugh with another man at the time of the appointment was not necessarily the same woman.

He says the nephew of the now dead witness, Harry Riglin, said he was never really sure it was the right person.

Although nobody was ever found guilty, Mr Videcette believes the investigation was so focused on John Cannan that ‘something vital was missed’.

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ALM used freedom of speech to defend its activities against crackdowns. Choudary is a trained lawyer, he’s not stupid, and we were always one step behind him,” he said.

“I think sadly we will see a resurgence with ALM. We will see people travelling and carrying out attacks.

Social media and modern communications could make it easier for officers to prove membership. But even if police have enough evidence to detain a suspect, they can be prevented by MI5 because of intelligence operations.
— David Videcette speaking to the Independent

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It is satisfying to know that simple everyday things such as cushions can bring a terrorist down. To track down Baghdadi, certain members of the US and British intelligence agencies will be preoccupied solely with identifying the pattern of the fabric cushions that can be seen in his latest video. Or with the mattress on which he sits. Others will only deal with his clothes, trying to work out where they were produced and retailed.

An eye-catching pattern makes it easier to find manufacturers and sellers. It takes a grueling length of time, until you can track this sort of information down. It’s a laborious and often frustrating process. Chances of success are slim, but it is possible to find out where he is.
— David Videcette speaking to 20 Minuten

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Now ALM are reinvigorated. They may put stuff out online to encourage people to join them. But to radicalise their recruits they rely on secret meetings, personal messages, word of mouth – that’s the kind of tradecraft they use.

I’ve no doubt they will be returning to that kind of activity.
— David Videcette speaking to the Mail on Sunday

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Butt and the other attackers were training together at a gym owned by a high-profile terror suspect. David Videcette, a former counterterror officer who investigated the 21/7 bomb plot and a terror cell linked to Shahid in the early 2000s, said he was “gobsmacked” that the connection was missed.

“That’s a huge failure. It feels like Scotland Yard have gone back 10 years and forgotten what we knew.
— David Videcette speaking to the Independent

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Suddenly, we are going to have trained fighters who perhaps have the motivation to carry out martyrdom attacks, exposed to a historical network of radicals.
— David Videcette speaking to The New York Times

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It’s a massive own goal by this criminal. Once the police circulate that image, I’m fairly confident that somebody will come forward, either a police officer who has previously dealt with them or someone who knows them.
— David Videcette speaking to The Sun

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The writing on the envelope looks like a child’s or as if it’s been done with someone’s non-dominant hand.
— David Videcette

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Al-Muhajiroun operated right on the periphery of the law, but the group continually morphs. We need to target individuals.
— David Videcette speaking to The Independent

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