I'm starting to think about Christmas gifts this month.

I'll be popping some ideas on this page which might help to spark your imagination for ideas of what to buy. 

I'll also show you the latest deals on Kindle devices and share the hottest bestsellers. 





Work that brain power and see if you can crack the codes. This puzzle book won a 'Stocking Filler of the Year Award' according to Amazon.

For friends or relatives who enjoy crosswords or number puzzles, this might be a great buy for them.



Be prepared for some heated arguments around the Christmas tree, as you debate the lesser of two evils or try to create an impossible decision for your opponents with this Dilemmarama debate game. 


Check out the sample dilemma cards below.


Available in lots of different colours to choose from, these wireless headphones might be a lifesaver this Christmas if peace and quiet is required!  A great stylish pick. Check out the other colours here.



A lighthearted look at being a detective. Full of tips and tricks and fun. Available either in hardback or on Kindle.  Great for younger readers who fancy a future career in sleuthing!  Also available - the Official Spy's handbook.




Which books are Videcette fans are reading this month? Click on the items below to find out more.


All Lee Child's short stories in one volume. No Middle Name looks like a great Christmas buy for Lee Child fans.


A long time in coming for fans of 'The Fault in Our Stars' - John Green's books are popular with young and old alike. His characters and easy-to-read style delight millions, whilst taking readers on a heartwarming and heartbreaking journey.  You can buy Turtles all the Way Down here or click on the image.







Don't miss some of the beautiful new Kindle cases that are coming out for autumn/winter.




If you're planning ahead for the cooler months, here are some of the items that Videcette fans are hunting down online right now!




As the nights draw in, it's time to grab a blanket and cosy up with a film or boxset.

Want to know what people are watching this month? Here's a selection of DVDs that other Videcette fans have been getting their teeth into recently.

Just click on the image to find out more.





Need a new cover or accessories for your e-reader? Want to know what offers are available on the bestselling books are right now? Then you've come to the right place. We've collected all the latest deals together. Just click on the image to find out more.

Choose the Kindle that's right for you.

Kindle fire 7 now with Alexa, Kindle Voyage, Kindle Oasis or the all-new Paperwhite

And once you've got your e-reader sorted, don't forget to stock up on e-books. We can highly recommend the daily deal on Amazon Kindle!



If you've got kids and you don't fancy regularly lending them your own phone, tablet or Kindle - the fire Kids edition might be the perfect answer for you.

"If they break it, Amazon will replace it! No questions asked!"




Shelves groaning with paperbacks? Need something lightweight for your holidays? If you're just starting to think about ebooks, but not sure where to start - check out the Paperwhite essentials bundle from Amazon. You'll get a cover, a power charger, special offers and it's Wi-Fi enabled. (UK version).

Just want the simple model with no frills? Check out the basic Kindle e-reader with a 6-inch glare-free touchscreen display. It's Wi-Fi enabled, reads like the printed page and unlike mobile phones and tablets, has no 'blue light' to disturb your body clock.

A book lover's new best friend!



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