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With more than twenty years' experience in the police, David Videcette is a former Scotland Yard detective with experience of both the Metropolitan Police and of working alongside forces across England and Wales.

An expert on police procedure and police procedurals, he can advise in relation to:

  • FILM

  • TV




  • PLOT



To get in touch with David about a project you have in mind, email:

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  • He has consulted on numerous television shows and film documentaries

  • He is a regular commentator and 'go to' contact for the press and media

  • He advises script writers and crime authors from all over the world




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ITV’s The Bill

David was a storyline and police procedure adviser on organised and gang crime, with a particular specialism in IT systems, car theft and operations at The Metropolitan Police’s Stolen Vehicle Unit.




News commentary and opinion pieces

David regularly advises and comments on matters surrounding crime, policing and terrorism for international news and media outlets such as the BBC, NBC, ITV, Sky, The Wall Street Journal, Daily Mail, The New York Times, Telegraph newspapers, International Business Times, London Evening Standard, AFP, The Guardian, The Independent and many others.  You can see some of his recent news media work here.



BBC's Crimewatch

David worked as a cold case advisor to the Crimewatch team. He was involved in creating dramatic reconstructions of gang robberies, briefing the BBC production team and organising public appeals nationwide.  




BBC Documentary series, Burgled

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A BBC film crew followed David every day for a year as the lead protagonist in BBC documentary ‘Burgled’.  The show gave the BBC film crew unprecedented access to the best performing Burglary Squad in the Metropolitan Police.  

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The critics said:

Essential viewing’ – The Independent.  

Engrossing and pacey’ – The Evening Standard.

Remarkable’ – The Times.


BBC Drama Documentary The Attack


David advised on this BBC Docudrama from acclaimed director Gabriel Range, which examines the likelihood of a marauding terrorist firearms attack: a shoot-to-kill rampage in a crowded urban area by one or more people. Part of the This World current affairs series produced by the BBC and aired all over the world.


The critics said:

...Draws you slowly but irresistibly into the story... Never fell off the tightrope between reassurance and scaremongering... An informative, ominously plausible examination of terrorism
— The Telegraph

Channel Five’s Under Attack


Over ten episodes of 60 mins each, Under Attack from Endemol Shine North features some of the most dramatic Police Bodycam, Dashcam, CCTV, helicopter and mobile phone footage from around the world depicting acts of violence and brutality against the unsung heroes of our society. The clips show first-hand accounts, of the types of crime that are worryingly on the rise with violent offences having increased by 20% over the past year.

David Videcette provides insight on what it’s like to face these threats on a daily basis and details how he has dealt with similar situations.



Crime fiction novels

David has advised numerous crime fiction authors on various aspects of police procedure in novels from the following publishing houses:

  • HarperCollins

  • Penguin

  • Hachette

  • Pan Macmillan

  • Thomas & Mercer

  • Corvus/Atlantic Books


Find out more about David's background here.



From A to Z, David's areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

  • Acid attacks

  • Bodyguarding and bodyguard expertise

  • Bomb making

  • Burglary

  • CCTV & ANPR systems (Automatic number plate recognition)

  • CID (Criminal Investigation Department)

  • Cold cases

  • Counter-terrorism

  • Crime scenes

  • Drugs

  • Europol & the European arrest warrant

  • Financial investigation

  • Forensic evidence (e.g. DNA, blood, fingerprints etc.)

  • Fraud

  • Gang crime and gang violence

  • Handwriting analysis and document examination

  • Identification procedures

  • Interpol

  • Interview procedure

  • Investigation management

  • IT systems and databases used by police

  • Knife crime

  • Major incident procedure and MIR

  • Malicious communications (e.g. poisoned-pen letters, postal correspondence, emails, social media)

  • MI5/MI6 & police teamwork

  • Missing persons

  • Mobile phones, cell site analysis and how police work with mobile phone companies & service providers

  • Moped crime

  • Murder/Homicide investigations

  • National Intelligence Model (NIM)

  • Organised crime

  • Point-to-point security

  • Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE)

  • Police chases and police advanced driving techniques

  • Police databases and IT systems

  • Police ranks, abbreviations and acronyms

  • Post mortems from a police perspective

  • Robbery

  • Search warrants

  • Security and crowd management

  • Sexual crimes

  • Special Branch

  • Specialist operations

  • Speeding and speed cameras

  • Stalking

  • Statements

  • Stop-and-search

  • Surveillance

  • Suspects

  • Terrorism

  • The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA)

  • Vehicle crime and the DVLA databases

  • Victims & victim identification

  • VIP security

  • Witnesses, witness interviews and witness statements


To get in touch with David about a project you have in mind, email:

Price on application.